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Antipole DX


Antipole DX is a remake of the original Antipole. This new version features completely new graphics, sound effects, and music. This version builds upon the original game, adding new levels, improved boss battles, online leaderboards, and Miiverse integration. Antipole DX is expected to launch in Summer 2015 on the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Wii U.

Antipole DX features fast paced platforming action based on gravity manipulation. Reverse gravity in the area around you for short periods of time to climb higher and jump further. Anything caught in the altered gravity area is affected as well - enemies, objects, and even acid pools will fall along the new direction of gravity. Use your gravity powers to fling enemies. Run along the ceiling to avoid obstacles. Manipulate gravity to solve puzzles.




Antipole Included in Indie Royale Bundle

Antipole is included in the latest Indie Royale bundle. The bundle is called "The Indie Gamer Chick Bundle" and features 8 games picked by Indie Gamer Chick. All 8 games are ranked near the top of her leaderboard.

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Nintendo Okie Podcast

Nintendo Okie recently invited us over to join them on their podcast. Our own Edward Di Geronimo Jr. joined in and talked about the latest Nintendo news, Turtle Tale, Antipole, and more! Check it out!

Antipole "Best Of" Nominations

Antipole was recently included in several "Best Of" lists. The January/February 2011 issue of Nintendo Power included Antipole in a list of the 40 best downloads on the Nintendo 3DS eShop. Armless Octopus included Antipole in their list of the Top 10 XBox Live Indie Games of 2011. Nintendojo gave Antipole an Honorable Mention in their list of Best DSiWare Games of 2011.

The January/February issue of Nintendo Power also includes the 2011 Nintendo Power Awards Nominees. Antipole has been nominated for "Game of the Year - Downloadable" and "Game of the Year - Overall". If you haven't voted for it yet, please vote now.